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Våra produkter
Sartorius Picus, Picus


– Elektronisk pipett

The Most Sophisticated and Ergonomic Pipette Ever! Enjoy your work with the award winning Picus®! Its highly sophisticated and completely ergonomic design will reduce your risk of…

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…repetitive strain injury (RSI). Fully electronic operation ensures the maximum accuracy and repeatability of your results.

These same qualities can also be found with Picus® Nxt with added features for enhanced reliability in strictly regulated laboratories.

Sartorius Picus NxT, Picus NxT

Picus NxT

– Elektronisk pipett

Ergonomic, Efficienct, and Safe! Are you looking for the following qualities in a pipette and not willing to compromise?

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  • Comfortable to hold and reduces the risk of strain injuries
  • Conforms to the strictest lab regulations
  • Speeds up your work
  • Achieve accurate results time after time

If the answer is yes, then Picus® NxT should be your choice. It meets all of these requirements with its inherited, superior design of the award-winning Picus® and with its added certification and novel safety features for conformance to the strictest lab regulations.


– Mekanisk pipett

Tacta, the new premium mechanical pipette with superb comfort and reliability. Tacta makes pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time.

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  • Comfortable to hold due to the ergonomically designed handle
  • Low pipetting and tip ejection forces that reduce the risk of Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD)
  • Controlled and smooth tip ejection with the new Sartorius Optiject technology
  • The unique Sartorius Optilock system provides flexibility for volume adjustment and locking
  • Reliable results, even over lengthy pipetting periods
  • Calibration adjustment to provide accurate results for various liquid types
  • 4-digit display for accurate and easy volume setting
  • Safe-Cone Filters provide cost-effective contamination prevention
  • Easy to clean, with only three parts to disassemble

Sartorius mLINE, mLINE


– Manuell pipett

The Sartorius mLINE® is the most advanced and ergonomic choice for quality-conscious users who perform long and repetitive manual pipetting. Our mLINE® pipettes…

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…are repeatedly recommended by health and safety officers all over the world.

  • Excellent ergonomics to protect from injuries with the exceptionnally light pipetting and tip ejection forces
  • High accuracy and precision, also in repetitive, long-lasting pipetting
  • Minimised risk of contamination with Safe-Cone Filters and full autoclavability
  • Increased safety with volume lock preventing accidental volume changes while pipetting

Sartorius Proline, Proline


– Manuell pipett

The most affordable in the Sartorius line of mechanical pipettes, Proline® is ideal for universities and colleges or any laboratory seeking a cost-efficient, yet practical and reliable liquid-handling tool.

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  • Wide range of pipettes, both adjustable and fixed volume available
  • Relaxed grip with ergonomic finger support
  • Reduced risk of contamination with Safe-Cone Filters available for models > 10 µl

Sartorius Proline Plus, Proline Plus

Proline Plus

– Manuell pipett

Proline® Plus mechanical pipette family is designed to offer comfort and quality for your everyday manual pipetting. It combines durable construction with ease and lightness of use, and is…

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…therefore a perfect choice for liquid-handling professionals and students alike. In addition, it has the widest pipette range, including fixed volume pipettes for when volumes need to be ready-set to avoid errors.

  • The widest range of pipettes for various users and applications
  • Ergonomic design with light pipetting forces, comfortable handle and finger support for reduced risk of strain injuries
  • Minimised risk of contamination with Safe-Cone Filters and full autoclavability
  • Highly durable with strengthened structure also for heavier use

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